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The Top Fashion Trends Of F/W 2019 - Wild Animal Print

Leopard, Zebra, Snake... I know.. We LOVE animal prints!

The good news is the Wild Animal Print trend isn't going anywhere! in fact, it came stronger this season.

Check out below Fierce and Sexy styles that we selected just for you! 

1. Our Beloved Leopard Print

One of our best seller - Leopard Butterfly Mini Dress


This leopard wrap dresses come in 4 different colors, check them out!


How about Leopard with some rose floral print mix in Maxi Dresses? elegant and sexy 


Here is another choice for you wild girl! because plain black bike shorts are boring.

2. Sexy Snake Print

If you want to feel extra sexy, you probably need this snake print backless tight mini dress


Want comfortable shorts but don't want to lose style? Here is our snake print wide shorts to be picked! 

3. Elegant Zebra Print

This wrap dresses fit you like a customized and suit in any places and occasions.


Fashion Trend will be updated Everyweek. Have a lovely day beautiful girls! See you soon! 

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